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Promoting the well-being of individuals with special needs to give them a better quality of life.

We provide community supports to developmentally disabled individuals (DDA). Our staff company will provide vocational, community development supports, and supportive employment to DDA individuals. As much as possible, we strive to promote an atmosphere of equality for all. UniTrust Resources is committed to helping individuals with disabilities experience the same opportunities as persons without disabilities. We deliver our services to transitioning youth, DDA adults, and veterans.

Services We Provide

Community Pathways Waiver Compliant

As we are a Community Pathways Waiver Compliant organization, we accept Medicaid beneficiaries who are part of the Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services waiver program. Under this waiver program by Medicaid, beneficiaries are provided support services that help them focus on life experiences that point them toward a good quality of life in the long term.

However, to be eligible for this waiver, you must undergo a screening process that determines if you need the level of support that individuals receive in an institution and meet the waiver’s financial eligibility requirements.

Community Supports Waiver Compliant

Our organization also accepts beneficiaries from the Developmental Disabilities Administration. This program aims to provide innovative service options that aid DDA’s Community of Practices for Employment and Supporting Families, community-based service options under the current Community Pathways Waiver with except for residential services, self-direction opportunities, and flexibility to move dollar amounts to accommodate the person-centered plan of the beneficiary, and short-term exceptions to the overall budget.

To be eligible to receive services from the DDA, an individual must have a disability that limits them from performing activities of daily living independently. This must be a physical or mental impairment, but not just a mental illness. A person with a combination of physical and mental impairments can also qualify.

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