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Finding the right healthcare services for people with disabilities.

To live an optimal quality of life, individuals with disabilities and their families should partner with the right care provider who is capable of meeting their health needs. With that, we make it easier for them by being their bridge to finding this healthcare provider. We will discuss with the individual and their family their situation and person-centered care plan and determine which provider will be the right fit.

Health Case Management

Not only are we the bridge to helping you find the right care provider, but we can also be the client’s bridge to communicate with the health personnel, as well as manage the client’s individualized care. Our staff will also be responsible for determining which options will best improve the client’s quality of life.

Case Management and Delegation

Not only will our staff monitor all the professionals involved in the client’s plan of care, ensuring they implement the plan of care accurately, but they also give tasks to an extender, a person who must be qualified to perform the task delegated to them by the case manager. This helps our case managers maximize all the available resources to improve patient care.

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