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Guiding persons with disabilities as they learn to integrate into the community.

Regardless of their situation, people with disabilities have the right to live and exist as a contributing member of the community and be valued for their abilities and uniqueness. Through our community inclusion services, we open these doors of opportunity for them and let them learn new skills or participate in community activities, such as employment, training programs, outreach programs, and the likes.

Our staff will work together with the individual and their families in planning and acquiring the resources needed to ensure individuals with disabilities participate in roles in the community that will develop their skills, independence, and self-confidence.

Personal Support

We provide habilitation and skill-building to allow clients to learn and maintain skills that will augment their independence. This reinforces the client’s family and natural supports and involves services that are needed to ensure the client integrates into the community long term and can get the assistance they may need to do so.

Supported Living

Through our personal support service, we help people with special needs to acquire and maintain the highest level of self-sufficiency possible by enabling them to learn skills that will allow them to function independently in the community. This includes habilitation, training and instruction along with elements of support, supervision from a staff member as they participate in training, allowing them to practice their skills, and other activities that they may engage in throughout the day. This service may apply to those acquiring residential supports.

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